Winner of Best Vegan Meal and Best Vegan Dessert 2019!

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Blanco Cantina

Jackfruit Enchiladas
Jackfruit enchiladas with pulled jackfruit in sweet BBQ sauce, vegan cheddar cheese, red cabbage, avocado, onions and cilantro. 



Brasserie Kensington

Charred Carrot & Raisin Tart
Toasted coconut and pickled cantaloupe salad.



Bridgette Bar

Vegan Cashew Cheesecake
Strawberry, dark cocoa, and whipped coconut cream.

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C3Boost — Espresso chocolate brownie with chai soft serve
Organic brownie from Canela using Barrow Espresso coffee and chai mix in the soft serve.


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Clive Burger

Clive Vegan Wrap
Vegan patty in a lettuce wrap with "limited edition" vegan clive sauce.

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Community Natural Foods

Cauliflower Rice and Falafel Bowl
Cucumbers, grape tomatoes, pickled onions, and stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs. Available at all CNF locations.


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Donna Mac

Mac Burger
Beyond Meat patty, miso mayo, cashew cheese, lettuce and pickle. Served with fries.



Hearts Choices

Hearts Choices Teishoku Satsuki (May) Set Menu

* Garlic "butter" fried rice
* Panko breaded chick'un katsu
* Roasted tomato
* Sunomono salad
* Country style miso soup
* Heritage greens with tomato ginger dressing
* Coffee jelly with coconut whip

*Hearts Choices will also be donating an addition dollar from each dish sold to local animal sanctuaries.



Hoopla Donuts

Passionfruit Glaze Donut
Turns out there’s a way to make passionfruit taste even better - as with all problems, the answer was donuts all along. Yeast-raised, with passionfruit glaze and candied lime.

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Tofu Noodle Bowl
Vegan udon noodles with sauteed vegetables, signature Chinese tare sauce topped with pan seared five spice tofu.



Lakeview Bakery

Salted Caramel Banana Cream Pie Tart


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Leopold’s Tavern

Plant-Based Beyond Burger Poutine
Beyond Meat burger patty, mushroom gravy, pickles, tomatoes, onion, burger sauce and Daiya cheddar cheese.


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Lulu Bar

Vegetarian (Vegan) Dumplings
Mushroom, charred cabbage, bamboo shoot, and vinegar.



Namo Cafe Bistro

The Vegan-Nonna - Baby Eggplant ‘Parmesan’
Beyond Meat sausage and lentil bolognese, polenta fries and spicy calabrian olive salad.

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Nosh By Nourish

Worldwide Sliders: A trio of sliders inspired by the cuisines of India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.
Curry lentil burger with lime cashew raita, mint chutney and tamarind ketchup. Sesame ginger smoked tofu with Asian slaw and grilled pineapple. Black bean burger with tomatillo salsa fresca, guacamole and mole barbeque sauce.


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Nourish Kitchen + Bakery

Cinnamon Celebration
A baked cinnamon sugar donut filled with Cashew Dreamcheese topped with a mini cinnamon sticky roll and a scoop of cinnamon pecan toffee ‘ice creem’ covered with bourbon maple caramel and toasted pecans.


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Madison’s 1212

Vegan Mac N' Cheese Nachos
Creamy vegan cashew "cheese" sauce, Al dente elbow macaroni, Beyond Meat sausage crumble topped with Madison's house made ketchup and spring onion on a bed of vegan corn chips. 


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Paper St.

Eggplant Lasagna
Eggplant lasagna with a cashew base white sauce.

Walnut Raisin Carrot Cake
Walnut raisin carrot cake topped with a coconut shaved buttermilk frosting.

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Q Haute Cuisine

Vegetable Pavè

Green pepper coulis bubbles, parsnip spiral chips with chervil micro greens, sweet potato puree, crispy parsley and heirloom carrot stars.

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Raw Eatery & Market

Raw Sushi
Marinated sunflower seed pate with cucumber, avocado, carrots, and peppers rolled in noori. Accompanied by a fermented sriracha-tahini sauce.

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River Cafe

Fire Morels & Ash Baked Potato
Fried potato skin broth, hakurei turnip, and caramelized onion.

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saVeg Café

Sweet and Sour Special 
A vegan take on a favourite Korean-Chinese dish. Coated and air fried tofu and sweet potato with mixed vegetables, tossed in a delicious sweet and sour sauce. Served on a bed of shredded cabbage with a side of rice.



Soy Milk & Vinegar

Cake In A Jar.

Layers of chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

*Available at
Raw Eatery & Market.



Street Eatery

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak
Seitan shaved steak, spicy roasted peppers and onions, mushrooms, Chao cheddar cheese, and mushroom gravy.

Vegan L.O.V.E. “Milk”Shake
Vegan chocolate banana milkshake with a cinnamon sugar pretzel and make from scratch vegan caramel sauce with coconut whipped cream and almonds.


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Teff N’ Greens

TNG Signature Bowl
The base of the bowl is torn pieces of injera (traditional fermented flatbread) that's 75% Teff and 25% Millet making it gluten free. Add on top mild to medium spicy red lentils (misir wot), kale with bell peppers (gomen), beets & potatoes (key sir wot), green beans & carrots (fasolia), and then chickpea stew aka gravy (shiro wot). Complimentary spicy cold salad aka That Red stuff (fit fit) which is injera bread soaked in hot sauce (awazey) with some lemon juice and olive oil. With some fresh spinach leaves to garnish and cherry tomatoes. As you are working through the bowl, spread it up and mix the love!



The Dandelion Café

Chick-tan and Waffles
Two waffles with crispy fried chick-tan, topped with a southern style gravy and drizzled with maple syrup, green onions and micro herb.


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The Coup

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms
Ginger, scallion, maple glaze, marinated broccoli, cucumber, red cabbage, and cashew ranch dressing.


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Vegan Street Eats

The No-Fish Tacos
These little beauties will fool even the biggest fish taco fan. Your get your choice of soft flour or blue corn tortillas, crispy battered heart of palm on a bed of red cabbage and guacamole, topped with fresh mango salsa, chipotle aioli and a lime wedge.



Village Flatbread Co.

Vegan SUNDANCE Pizza
What mediterranean dreams are made of. This flatbread pizza is named after the Southeast community of Sundance. Make sure to specify you want it vegan and it will come made with vegan basil pesto, sun-dried tomato, vegan mozzarella, zucchini, artichoke, kalamata olive, arugula, and an olive oil drizzle. Take it to the next level and add some Beyond Meat vegan sausage crumble. 


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Winebar Kensington

Winebar’s Vegan ‘Cheese’ and ‘Charcuterie’ Board


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8 Cakes Bakery

S’Macaron  Bar
Make your own S’Macaron. A s’mores bar with all sorts of fun fillings to make your own custom macaron s’mores. House made salted caramel, raspberry couli, house made marshmallow fluff that can be toasted on the spot, lots of fresh berries, graham crackers, toasted coconuts and more. A fun way to eat dessert!

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Hosted by VegFest Calgary,


YYC Vegan Week is a chance for restaurants and
patrons alike to experience the rapidly growing plant-based movement!

$1 from each meal sold will go toward supporting
VegFest Calgary.

YYC VEgan Week
CONTESTANTS are asked to create
or re-invent a vegan dish
to be featured in one of two categories:

  • Best Vegan Meal

  • Best Vegan Dessert

    YYC Vegan Week
    Patrons are invited
    to vote on their
    favourite dishes!

All participants using the hashtags #yycveganweek and #yycgoesvegan will have their meals showcased
on YYC Vegan Week’s social media pages, along with other local print and online media outlets that we have partnered with.

Check out our FAQ Page for more information!